Cheap university accommodation is available on campus
(about 300m from the conference venue).

For a single room with en suite shower and toilets (no breakfast included) the cost per night is 30 euros.

This choice of accommodation must be booked and payed when registering online.

Hotels (the booking and payment is your own responsability)

A selection, at a reasonable walking distance from the conference venue (in the middle of the island named "Ile du Saulcy"), is:

  - Hôtel du Théâtre :

  - Grand Hôtel de Metz :

  - Hôtel du Centre :

  - Hotel Ibis Metz Centre Cathédrale :

  - Hôtel de la Cathédrale (charming) :

  - There are also several hotels close to the railway station: to get to the conference venue there is a direct bus
        (METTIS, Ligne B – see Transportation).