Abstact submission



The abstracts should be submitted in pdf format and should be named as «A_Einstein.pdf», where the first letter «A» should be the initial of the given name of the first author, followed by an underscore character «_», then «Einstein», the full family name of the first author. In case you submit two abstracts (maximum allowed), use A_Einstein1.pdf, A_Einstein2.pdf.

Please send the PDF file (and source files) of your abstract to mes2018-contact@univ-lorraine.fr before the 1st June deadline specifying whether you wish your abstract to be be considered for a contributed talk..

Abstract acceptance will be confirmed by e-mail to the corresponding author.

The selection of contributed talks will be notified early June.

Please note that any submitted abstract, even if accepted, will not be included in the conference programme should the corresponding author (or someone of the team) fail to register for the conference.

Invited speakers are also requested to send their abstract by 1st June. Files should be named: «A_Einstein_speaker.pdf».


Instruction for Abstracts

The length of each abstract is strictly limited to one page.
Abstracts should be informative, carefully prepared, with new insights stressed.
Abstracts must be prepared using the Template_for_Tex or MS_Word provided below. These templates also provide instructions on preparation of the abstracts. When using the templates, do not make modifications to the page layout or paragraph styles.
Although not limited, the file size is recommended not to exceed 5 Mb.




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